tOP 5 challenges for home businesses

With the world still recovering from the recent pandemic a lot of focus and interest has been on working from home and even starting a business from home. There are challenges that one will definitely encounter while considering working from home.

  1. Fear – A the top of the list is fear, the anxious nature of being human. The reason for this is not only a confidence issue but familiarity and comfort. We are all used to working in one particular environment and also falling on the safety net of having a stable income from a salary. Fear is one of the biggest challenges when considering to start any sort of businesses. Entrepreneurs and thriving small business owners are the absolute dare devils amongst men and conquering your emotions of fear will be your first and biggest challenge when considering starting a business from home.
  2. Lack of Knowledge – with the age of information amongst us you would think that knowledge from a quick google search will equip you with all you need to hit the ground running with your home business but that’s not going to cut it. The most valuable knowledge that one gets is from experience and sure a quick search here and there may give you a hint on what not to do and what to do. Having the right expertise is also going to prove very challenging. If you haven’t run any sort of business then lack of business knowledge will prove difficult for you.
  3. Lack of Time – If you already have a 9-5 job and wish to start your business as a side hustle time management will be a constant challenge. Your days are always going to feel short and the distance between you and achieving your goals will be like the 40 years walk of the Israelites to the promise land. Proper time management between spending time with family, running your business and working on your regular job is something to consider.
  4. Lack of Focus and Discipline – “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments” Jim Ron. If you find your self watching TV or scrolling down the comment section of your social media feed then you will never achieve your goals. This is the most important thing to always train your self in as it will be easy to find yourself idling while at home instead of working on your business. This will be more challenging when starting out and business is slow and a little boring.
  5. Ineffective Marketing – Your marking strategy will never be flawless as you will be learning what work and what doesn’t work but not having a proper marketing plan and also getting leads which culminate into sales will leave your business low on cash flow and revenue. This will be an on going thing that you will have to learn. If you have ineffective marketing then investing in expert help or educating yourself by asking the right questions to your customers will assist you greatly. A majority of your marketing will most likely be online of which seems easy but can be very challenging if you do not know how to do it properly, so you will need to learn quickly.

Hope this has been helpful in giving you the things to consider and expect when you want to jump onto the home business trend that is happening now. Go out there are give your business a try.

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