All companies in South Africa are required by law in terms of the Companies and Close Corporations Acts to file annual returns. Failing to do so will this be a set back in terms of running your business should you fail as your company will be closed permanently if you fail to submit your CIPC annual returns.

If you do not know what are the steps required to file your CIPC returns you can always have assistance from business professionals like Bonmas Consulting to assist you with filing your returns. Bonmas consulting can assist you to file your returns for only R250 excluding the outstanding CIPC returns owed.

Should you intend on submitting the annual returns by yourself you should visit either www.bizportal.gov.za or eservices.cipc.co.za and register for a CIPC profile if you do not have one. There is a penalty fee that your company will have if you fail to submit you annual returns 30 days after they are due.

Here is a breakdown of the annual fees structure when filing by yourself with the CIPC

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Reinstating an already finally deregistered company will be very difficult and very costly. It is rather much more safe to always be complaint so that you avoid the tedious work of reinstating your company.

You always need to check if your company is compliant or not with the CIPC.

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