What is a Tax Clearance Certificate ?

TAX CLEARANCE CERTIFICATES:A Tax Clearance Certificate is a written confirmation from Revenue Services (SARS) that a person’s or Entity’s tax affairs are in order at the date of issue of the Certificate now also called a Tax pin.

With the Tax Compliance Status (TCS) system, a taxpayer is able to authorise any 3rd party to verify its compliance status through the use of an electronic access PIN.

The PIN must be used to verify the taxpayer’s compliance status online via SARS eFiling.

Top Tip: When the PIN is used for verification, the result reflects the current tax compliance status at the date and time the PIN is used. 

  • NOTE: In some instances a Certificate may be issued to a customer who has tax arrears provided such arrears are covered by an instalment arrangement that has been agreed with South African Revenue Services (SARS).
  • What to do if you cannot get a Tax Clearance Certificate because of outstanding returns?
  • If you have outstanding Tax Returns you cannot get a Tax Clearance certificate unless you submit all the outstanding Tax Returns. Currently no Taxpayer can make an arrangement with SARS to get a Tax Clearance Certificate if they have outstanding Tax Returns
  • You can contact BONMAS CONSULTING to get professional help to quickly submit your outstanding Tax Returns and get the Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • What to do if you cannot get the Tax Clearance Certificate because of pending tax issues/problems, outstanding Monies, Disputes and Objections?
  • To resolve the complex tax issues with SARS you need to have some tax expertise or be knowledgeable on the Tax Administration ACT, otherwise you can fuel your tax problems even more to such an extent that they require the tax court.
  • For all the tax problems BONMAS CONSULTING is the solution to help you get the Tax Clearance Certificate, our success rate in resolving the complex tax problems is almost 100% to date.
  • What is valid Tax Clearance Certificate?
    • Holding an invalid tax clearance certificate is an offence and it can result to imprisonment
    • You need to be very careful not to fall on the trap of fake and fraudulent tax clearance certificates which are flooding the in the country. This is what you can do to ensure that you are sitting a valid Tax Clearance Certificate:
  • You can verify your Tax Clearance Certificate on E-Filing, Contact SARS to ensure to verify your tax clearance or visit your nearest SARS branch to confirm your tax clearance
  • If you have outstanding Tax Returns you need not listen to fake practitioners who claims they can give you the tax clearance certificate without submitting your outstanding returns as this means that they can only give a fraudulent Tax Clearance certificate
  • If you have outstanding monies to SARS or Tax issues with SARS, you need to ensure that those are addressed before accepting a tax clearance form anyone.
  • You need to ask any practitioner that is dealing with your tax affairs to give you the reference number of your Tax Clearance so that you can collect your tax clearance at your nearest SARS branch instead them giving you hard copies unless you are sure that your tax affairs are up to date.
  • Emigrations Tax Clearance, Foreign Investments Tax Clearance
    • Emigrations Tax Clearance Certificate
  • This is a Tax Clearance Certificate in respect of citizens emigrating from South Africa
  • Foreign Investment Tax Clearance
  • This a Tax Clearance Certificate in respect of Foreign Investment Allowance for Individuals

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